BESX 5.0.1 update failure loop

Ran update to bring BESX 5.0.1(2) to 5.0.2. Setup stopped with "Setup application cannot update settings for the blackberry attachment service and will close" - and it closes. when I try to open server configuration panel I get "Please run setup.exe to complete the intallation before launching the blackberry server configuration panel". But, when I try to run setup.exe, I get the same error that I listed at first. BES is working fine still, but I cutting over to a new exchange server and when we cut over internet access, blackberry fails because it is still looking for the old server (because I can't run server config panel).

attached setup log
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The latest version of BES Express is 5.0.3.

The quickest way to upgrade to the latest build is to just download the product fresh from your original download link and install on top. All settings are retained but it does the upgrade gracefully.

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
What if you manually stop the BB services and then try to run the setup ?

):{0x24A0} [CBESDBInstaller::executeRetryDDL] DBNS schema in [master] | Version: 5.0.2 | Mar 24 2010 12:00AM
[40000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} [CBESDBInstaller::executeRetryDDL] DBNS schema in [BESMgmt] | Version: 5.0.2 | May  4 2010 12:00AM
[40000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} [CBESDBInstaller::executeRetryDDL]
[40000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} [CBESDBInstaller::executeRetryDDL] RIMESP.DLL version:
[40000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} [CBESDBInstaller::executeRetryDDL] DBNS path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\RimEsp.dll Registered at: Aug 26 2012  2:11AM
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} SQL executed successfully
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.527):{0x24A0} DoNotificationInstall returned 0.
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.579):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0541: (#30000) {BBBASInstall::upgradeAttachmentServer}called
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0542: (#30000) [InstLib]: 'upgradeAttachmentServer' was called successsfully.
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0543: (#30000) [BBBASInstall::upgradeAttachmentConnector]called
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0544: (#30000) [InstLib]: 'upgradeAttachmentConnector' for BES was called successsfully.
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0545: (#30000) [BBBASInstall::upgradeAttachmentConnector]called
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <3>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0546: (#10000) [BBBASInstall::upgradeAttachmentConnector]Could not find BASServiceInstances record for component MDS-CS machine Ridge2k8
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <3>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0547: (#10000) [InstLib]: Call to 'upgradeAttachmentConnector' function in BBBASInstall.dll for MDS-CS failed
[30000] (08/26 02:11:34.779):{0x27FC} <3>Aug 26 02:11:34 Ridge2k8  {0x24A0} 0548: (#10000) [InstLib]: Failed to call UpgradeDBBESAS50To5x function
[30000] (08/26 02:11:53.981):{0x27FC} <5>Aug 26 02:11:53 Ridge2k8  {0x21E4} 0549: (#30000) [PIPTOOL]:SwapAdImageToAVI - The ad AVI is already visible

What is Ridge2k8 ?

- Rancy
SNCSDAuthor Commented:
Rancy - Ridge2k8 is the server that BES is installed on. I did try stopping the services manually and install on top.

Simon - I was looking at that as my next step. just a bit tentative as I didn't want to compound an issue that may have a bigger effect. I may just have to go for it.

Thanks All. will post results.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Its better to go with the latest edition :)
SNCSDAuthor Commented:
Actually had to uninstall old version, uninstall Java, then reinstall with newest version (5.0.3)
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