Hello, I use Mozila thunderbird with lightning calendar add on - and I want to add a holdiay calendar...
the one I want doesn't exist as a regular lightning one - but the website recommends using ICalShare - that it claims in compatible
I am really frustrated cuz I guess I just don't understand enough about how this works or is supposed to work - how do you "subscribe" and how to do you get it work?? clicking subscribe on the icalshare site doesn't work

thanks :)
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Lior KarasentiCommented:
jpomerantzAuthor Commented:
i think this is going to be useful - realized that Icalshare is something you need to sign up for! duh!
so, I tried signing up and it is saying that the password field is blank when it isn't - i've emailed them to get help - but I think you've helped me with your part
thanks so so much!
Lior KarasentiCommented:
Great. I'm glad i could help
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