Determine how many bytes are in 1 Second of movie..

i would like to determine how many bytes have been readed after 1 second of playback of video...

my current thought is file size (bytes) / video length (in second) and then what do i do with the number i get ? i get something big...
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Obviously, the number of bytes read per second will depend on the file type.

For example, I have a .flv file that is 133,768,170 bytes and lasts 39 min 43 sec. So you do the math to figure it out:

133,768,170 bytes / [(39min*60sec/min)+43sec)] = 56134 bytes per second

56134 bytes per sec / 1024 Kb per byte = 54,82 Kb per second!

If you know the number of FRAMES per second, then bytes/seconv divided by FRAMES per second will give you the number of bytes per frame!
If you divide number of bytes by the number of seconds, you get bytes per second.  

Divide it by 1,000 and you get kilobytes per second.

Divide it by 1,000,000 and you get megabytes per second.

The reason you should choose between bytes/kilobytes/megabytes is to keep in mind that listing a lot of numbers is more difficult to read than a few numbers.

Example: which one is easier to measure in your head?

4,839,494 bytes / second


4.8 megabytes / second.

If that's what your question was...if not please specify otherwise :)
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