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Trying to migrate a SBS2003 Server to a new 2008R2 server.  Running into a problem with the Data partition on the SBS.  The data takes forever to move, its an older server with ultra320 scsi drives and the motherboard has no sata or any other common connections.  The amount of data that needs to be moved is about 450GB.  The data is shares, userprofiles, home directories.  Lots of individual files, over 700,000 to be exact.  Ive tried an ntbackup which failed after 30 hours Ive tried using a ubunti live cd and copying over a gigibit switch which failed as well 20+ hours into it.  The only thing else I can think of is to get a Sata card internally with a big sata drive and backup internally.  If anyone can help with this issues that would be great.  If theres any magic device to get a ton data out of old equipment that would be even better.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on whether you have the data in a RAID array, the fastest way to backup the data would be to install an SATA card, hard drive, and use imaging software like Acronis or EaseUS to copy all the data.  This would reduce the overhead of the OS, which may run out of Windows resources trying to copy that many files.
You probably have backed up that data periodically. Can you restore that data from latest backup?
Normally I migrate data in smaller portions - so if anything goes wrong it takes less time to repeat the procedure.
justinoleary911Author Commented:
The backup, is offsite and would take a couple of days to get it.  I cant break the data backup up into chunks, because its all stuff everyone needs, user profiles homes directorys etc.  And it would take more time to backup one or two things at a time. All the data needs to move at once,  and all I need to know is what is the absolute fastest method of doing this, because I only have a weekend and its proven not to be enough time to move the data traditionally.
About the fastest method you were at the right path - using internal disk controller (scsi/sata/sas) and copy/backup data to fast tape drive or disk.
Another question is why your previous attempts have failed. It could be that same data on your disk is corrupted...
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