How to connect client on workgroup to server domain

I just added a pc with ms business server 2011 essentials that is set up by default on a domain.
I want to network a workstation on a workgroup to the server.

SP Pro on the workstation.

Can someone help...

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mo_patelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
right click my computer and go to system properties

Select 'computer Name' tab

press 'change'

select domain and enter it in.... done
dave_skyAuthor Commented:
It can be done in "normal" server way, but it is preferred to use "connect computer" wizard when connecting computer to SBS server as it sets a series of other things on client computer to work properly with SBS server.
Here is the list of what SBS 2008 connect computer wizard does:
"When you join a client computer to the network, Windows SBS 2008 makes a number of changes to the client computer. These changes allow for seamless interoperability between the client computer and the server. Changes made to the client computer include:
 Create a Windows SBS group on the Start menu, and add the Internal Web site link to the group.
 Create a shortcut to the internal Web site on the desktop of computers running the Windows XP operating system.
 Set the Home page link in Internet Explorer to point to the internal Web site.
 Create links in the Internet Explorer Favorites folder for the Internal Web site, Outlook Web Access, and Remote Web Workplace.
 Configure Windows Firewall ports to allow the following features to work:
 Core Networking
 Remote Assistance
 Remote Desktop
 Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
 Configure Automatic Update on the client computer to install updates automatically.
 Install the Windows Small Business Server 2008 ClientAgent application on the client computer.
 Install the Windows Small Business Server 2008 WMI Provider component.
 Install the Windows SBS 2008 Desktop Links gadget on client computers running the Windows Vista operating system.
 Windows SBS 2008 installs the Desktop Links gadget in the gallery, but does not configure it to appear automatically in Windows Sidebar."

It is from
Sorry I have not found one for SBS 2011.

While you can afford to make manual changes on client computers in SBS domain, I would highly recommend you to make all changes on SBS server with wizards, if you don't want to have troubles.
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