OCZ Vertex 4 SSD not detected in bios

I have a brand new OCZ 256GB Vertex 4 SSD that I went to install this afternoon.  The drive is not detected by the BIOS.  I have carried out the following:
Removed existing HDDs
Reset bios to factory default
Bios is at latest stable release - ver F7
Tried multiple different sata 3 leads - all of which are known to be working
Tried different power connectors
Tried different sata sockets on the motherboard

System build is:
Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4h motherbaord (bios ver F7)
AMD A8-3850 CPU
4 x 4GB GSkill DD3 memory

I've now seen lots of reports of others having problems with OCZ SSD drives and Gigabyte boards.  Is there a fix or have I got a DOA drive?
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There shouldn't be any detection differences between a regular SATA hard drive and an SSD.  Make sure the connection is tight and that you have both power and data cables connected.  Try a different cable as well.

I have used an OCZ Vertex2 with a Gigabyte motherboard, and I did not have any problems, nor am I aware of any general OCZ/Gigabyte incompatibilities.  I did have problems with Marvell controllers and a Corsair Force GT, and the problem was with the Marvell controller.
There are lots of incompatibility issues in general with consumer-class SSDs and desktop boards.  About the only other thing you is use another PC and make sure the firmware is current, and test your PC to make sure nothing is overclocked.   My assumption is that your PC has sufficient power (hook SATA up to an external power supply to make sure)

Once you have tried all of that, and it still doesn't work .... call the store and ask if they will test to see if that particular SSD is DOA or if they have another model that is known good.  

If that isn't an option, look at the gigabyte threads online and choose one that is known good.
Set BIOS to AHCI,if the drive is not detected,it's probably DOA.

Been there ,done that,especially with OCZ.

Got two DOA's in a row on their 120 gb Vertex.
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test the drive on another PC - easieast if it has an SSD already
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies.  I did try the SSD in a bnib Dell i3/2100 and the bios detected the SSD. However, I have now had a response from OCZ and despite the Dell detecting the drive OCZ have said that there are no known compatibility issues between any current OCZ SSD drives and Gigabyte motherboards and that they (OCZ) conisder the drive to be DOA and should be replaced.
tx for feedback
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Hi Grippit

The drive was replaced by OCZ.  With the new drive it was detected by the Gigabyte mobo but I was still unable to run the SSD as the boot drive with a sata raid as present.  I've ended up running the SSD for OS, single sata for data plus external raid for scheduled backup.  Not quite as good as I had but good enough for now.  If OCZ or Gigabyte post a bios update I'll retest and update this thread with a comment but for now I'll close it down.  Thanks.
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