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Hello. Need to expand boot partition (C:) for SBS 2008 server from 75GB to like 100 GB. I have a RAID array, and there is room. I can shrink other volumes/partitions to get additional space. However, when I right-click the C: drive, extend volume is not an option.  I have a feeling, I need to have contiguous or adjacent space to expand, but I'm not sure how I would acheive that. Here's a snip of what exists now, if that helps as a reference. I can easily delete P: and Y, if that would provide what is needed, and then bring them back. Any ideas?
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Actually you do not need any third party partitioning tool. Simply delete page file from P: partition and then delete P: partition.
After that right click on C: in disk management and select Extend partition. Allocate to it as much space as you need.
When expanding is finished recreate P: partition of the space left. Done.
Windows SBS 2008 won't allow you to modify the boot volume, so you will probably have to use third party tools to increase the size of the partition.

An example of such a product can be found here:


... but I don't doubt that there are others. If you want a free utility, these are advertised, but the quality of the English on some of the sites is a bit alarming, and doesn't inspire confidence in the product...
Yes, you will need to have unallocated space next to (contiguous with) the volume you wish to extend.  Some partition tools will detect what OS is installed on a partition and only work if it is not a server OS.

One free one I know will work is GParted.  It is a Linux boot CD.

A paid one I've used for servers is Acronis Disk Director.  And Paragon's tools are always good.
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StewartTechnologiesIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I appreciate everyone's input and suggestions. The most direct answer was the one by noxcho. Thanks again to all.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Thank you for feedback.
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