How can Exchange server behind the firewall get the internet email without configuring the port forwarding ?

How can Exchange server behind the firewall get the internet email without configuring the port forwarding(not through POP3) in the firewall ?

Can anyone have idea about this? I setup Exchange 2010 and it can send/receive email within LAN (behind the firewall) . Getting internet email should be easier if we can setup port forwarding in the firewall. Now I have DNS name registered in Godaddy and I can also have access to internet, but I cannot have the access to the firewall to setup port forwarding. so, do you think I can have the Exchange server receive internet email without configuring the port forwarding?  Thank you in advance.
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My first answer still stands.  There is absolutely NO way for traffic to get to your exchange server unless you allow it through port forwarding on your router / firewall.
No, there is no way to get the email to the server without forwarding the correct ports.
davidy2001Author Commented:
Someone said web server in one's home can be reached from internet without forwarding ports
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Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
No, in both cases, the mail and the web server, you need to configure port redirection on the firewall. There is no another way.

I would suggest you to take a look at a hosted solution like Excange Online
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
To receive traffic you need to have a port open. If you don't want to open a port for inbound traffic then you will have to use a hosted service to collect email. There is no other way to get email.

With older versions of Exchange you could use ETRN to collect email from a remote server, but that would still need to have a port open.

Port 25 as a minimum needs to be open, but if you are on a home internet connection then that port will usually be blocked by the ISP and you will have to use another service - so called "mail hop" type services, to get email in to your server.

davidy2001Author Commented:
dont worry, you'll have the credit.
we'll have way to do that. if i find it, i like to post it here
davidy2001Author Commented:
vps can help
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