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Echo several dates + data in separate monthly calendars


I can't figure out what the best method is to echo some dates + some event data on 3 different monthly calendars.

Say i need to echo 15 dates, always for the nearest 3 months. Each month has 5 dates in it.

The result should look something like this, very simply said:

<div><h1>August</h1> <div>5x date</div> </div>
<div><h1>September</h1> 5x date </div>
<div><h1>October</h1> 5x date </div>

The month name needs to be printed also and the main div's are each separate calendar-layouts, the dates are accompanied with some event data.

The dates are stored as a Unix timestamp

How should i do this?
1 Solution
Where are the dates coming from?  Is it a database table or an array in the script?

If it was flat array, perhaps like:
$dates = array(1344952800,1347285600,1351170000,1347631200,1347890400,
sort($dates); // sort it into order
$lastmth = "";
foreach ( $dates as $date ) {
    $currmth = date("F", $date);
    if ( $currmth != $lastmth ) {
        if ( $lastmth != "" ) echo "</div></div>"; // close the last div
        echo "<div><h1>$currmth</h1><div>";        // start a new month
    echo "the ",date("jS", $date),"<br />";
    $lastmth = $currmth;

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Ray PaseurCommented:
The dates are stored as a Unix timestamp
Life may be easier if the dates are stored in the ISO-8601 standard date/time string.  It will be visually obvious which dates are part of which month; that may not be so clear from a timestamp integer.

This article explains some of the things you may want to consider as you write the code.
peps03Author Commented:
Sorry for the late reaction, lwadwell, but this did the trick!

Took some time to implement my calendar properly but it now works like a charm, thank you very much!

@Ray, i actually prefer the timestamp, very easy to calculate with and easy to retrieve dates with, in the exact way you want.

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