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Carbon Copy in email has LIMITS?

My blog's godaddy email has CC and BCC, obviously

Can I paste in a giant comma separated list of my users' email addresses in the BCC and it will go to them all?

Is there a limit? I have 634 authors
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1 Solution
Hi beavoid,

Refer to the Godadaddy Acount limitation:


"...To prevent spam, we limit our email accounts to 250 SMTP relays per day. This lets you send 250 emails from your email address on a daily basis."
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Okay, so I can only harvest 200-250 of my user emails,

So, I send the email to my address, and paste the users' addresses in the BCC?


"Number of Addresses — You can send messages to up to 100 total addresses per email message. Even if you are below your limit of the number of relays per day, a message is rejected if you specify more than 100 unique recipients."

So, for my 600+ users, I break them up into 6 x 100 users list for 6 email sends. over 6 days? or fewer if I break up my sends into smaller recipients. so as not to overrun 250 / day
I can do 3 days of 200 recipients

So, I should probably have 6 saved lists of 100 comma separated addresses in a text file?

I have the plugin that extracts a list of author email addresses.

Theoretically it is possible for you to :
1.  send the email to your address, and paste the 250 users' addresses in the BCC
2.  have 6 saved lists of 100 comma separated addresses in a text file and break up the sending to 6 days

However, from my own experience of working in web hosting company previously, web host do not encourage mass email sending and will introduce new restriction from time to time in order to avoid too many email blocking up the mail queue.

You may go ahead with what you plan as above and I think for a stable email sending, you may (and GoDaddy would recommend) use the following service provided by your web host:

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beavoidAuthor Commented:
I'd prefer millions :) hundred-thous

That is good, but are they topic blocks of recipients / opted in emails?

I was warned that mass mailers may just send to any random addresses.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Okay, Thanks,

I'm thinking of - going to go through my 600+ users,

10 at a time

I'll stick the first one in the to: field and the other 9 in the BCC: field

Will that be a problem?

or should I do 5 at a time, 1 in the to: and 4 in the BCC ? 1 in to: and 10 in BCC might work?
What is the biggest split I might safely get away with, if I do it over 6 days?
I think 10 at a time should be fine, it doesn't really matter how you split between To and BCC.
I will suggest to put a longer waiting intervals between your batches, for example 1 hour.

I can't guarantee you a model that you can "safely get away" with as every hosting company have own way to monitor and manage email traffic. Just stick to what the company put up as their current policy and you should be safe for now.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I'll try a 1 in the to:

and 10 in the BCC:

Every hour

and if I get any bounce notifications, I'll know it didn't go to all. Right?
Have you tried already?
You should get a notification from GoDaddy if they think you are sending too many emails.

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