FTP error while updating a module

Hi, i am new to drupal. I managed to get drupal7 up and running and updated to 7.15 but having problems with a module. apparently the sites were installed to /etc/drupal/7/ by default on my ubuntu box. i don't recall being asked about that. seems like a weird spot. anyway,even though I set the user for that folder and subfolders to the same user as I did for /usr/share/drupa7/ and that ftp user acount can write to it when I do a test with an ftp client logged in as that user, the Drupal update page won't let me update.


Error message:
Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is still in maintenance mode.


Error installing / updating
File Transfer failed, reason: /etc/drupal/7/sites/all/modules/views/D7UPGRADE.txt is outside of the /usr/share/drupal7

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1ly4meConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FTP user path is  /usr/share/drupal7 but the site content is under "/etc/drupal/7/sites".
Ftp user not having permission to write in directory /etc/drupal/7/.
Either you should manually move files from FTP directory to /etc folder, or by having root access on the server.
You have more than one site? And are these sites already up and running or are you still in development? Can you move the files to the correct path? Is there something in the .htaccess file that points the files to etc/drupal7?
StellerSystemsAuthor Commented:
I just have one drupal site. The site is in development. Currently no actual content other than the drupal modules. when you say correct path you mean /usr/share/drupal7/ ? what is incorrect about /etc/drupal/7/ ? that is where drupal7 wanted the sites folder. I am unsure what the .htaccess file has to do with ftp?
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