left mouse button not working

I have a user who has problems with the left click of the mouse is not working. I have to right click on an application and click open in order to run it. Right clicking works normally. This occurs when using more than three different mice. It only happens when this user is logged on. When two other users log onto this workstation the mouse works fine??? The setting for the mouse in the control panel do not seem to be out of the ordinary.
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sbrozinickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seems like a corrupt profile for the user since it works fine for other users.  Power off the computer and log in as the local administrator then backup the data of the failing users profile.  Then delete the profile and logoff.  A new profile will be created - then you can restore the data to the newly created profile.
teebonProduct ManagerCommented:
Are you using remote desktop session?
There is a known issue for mouse if you are having remote desktop connections:

web_trackerAuthor Commented:
this is not a remote log in session I was at the user's workstation and was trying to use the mouse at the user's workstation to try to get around, and found it frustrating to try to use the mouse with these issues. When I log on as the adminstrator the mouse works fine. I am trying to get away with having to create a new profile and migrate everyting back to the new profile. Especially if it is a simple fix.
teebonConnect With a Mentor Product ManagerCommented:
Can you check whether there is any third party mouse application running?
If you create a new user and do the testing are you able to reproduce the same issue?
web_trackerAuthor Commented:
I was hoping to find a better solution from someone that knew what the problem may be, I knew creating a new profile would probably solve the problem but did not really want to go that route. But since I just want to close the thread I will award the points to whom may contributed to a solution, even though it would been a solution I would have done if I did not ask the question.
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