How to make my windows client as trusted application in client system especially in presence of antivirus

         i have developed a windows client component which will use FtpWebRequest to transfer files using dot net.

I have no issues in my development environment . when i  try to distribute to client i am facing huge issue. Yeah antivirus is blocking FtpWebRequest which is raised by the windows component.

how can i make my component as  trusted one by installation itself?
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PaulHendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not automatically unless you have a rule for every kind of different firewall out there.  IN your documentation make it very well said: "this is how you do it on this firewall..."
It would not be possible because most incoming requests are blocked by default.  If you wanted to make this a sellable product you should include a walk though for clients to follow to ensure the protocol you require is in blocked.

Kalpesh ChhatralaConnect With a Mentor Software ConsultantCommented:
you can sign your application with Digital Signature.

devmastersAuthor Commented:
The client have good knowledge and trust on my application. All i want is when they do installation , my setup has to ask them to "add it as a trusted app" . Is there any option to change while creating a setup file.
devmastersAuthor Commented:
Agreed...but still looking for better approach
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