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1) What is the difference between SOAP and HTTP based WCF service? On which parameters would i finalize that my WCF service should SOAP enabled.

2) What additional work/effort required for SOAP enable WCF services?

3) What are advantages of having SOAP enabled web service

4) How can i request and receive SOAP enabled web service

I would like to create WCF which can consumed in all platforms through HTTP

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teebonConnect With a Mentor Product ManagerCommented:

1) I believe you are referring to difference between SOAP and REST based. You can actually exposed your service as both SOAP and REST at the same time.

Refer to the example at:

2) The way how you call SOAP and WCF services are different. Refer to the step 9 on the above link.

3) I think this article is good in explaining the differences and advantages of both SOAP and REST (it is bending towards REST in the article though)

4)  Refer to the step 9 on
vikalguptaAuthor Commented:
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