ubuntu ./configure command not found on ntop installation

Hi, anyone successful install ntop in ubuntu server?

# ls
3rd_party          configureextra  globals-core.c         initialize.c         map.c           ntop_darwin.h     prefs.c        subnets.txt
acinclude.m4.in    configure.in    globals-core.h         INSTALL              misc            ntop.h            prng.c         SUPPORT_NTOP.txt
acinclude.m4.ntop  CONTENTS        globals-defines.h      installer            missing         ntop.html         prng.h         term.c
address.c          COPYING         globals-report.c       install-sh           mkinstalldirs   ntop.txt          protocols.c    THANKS
admin.c            countmin.c      globals-report.h       ip.c                 nDPI            ntop_win32.c      python         traffic.c
argv.c             countmin.h      globals-structtypes.h  leaks.c              NetFlow         ntop_win32.h      python.c       util.c
AUTHORS            dataFormat.c    graph.c                leaks.h              NEWS            packages          README         utildl.c
autogen.sh         depcomp         hash.c                 LICENSE-OpenSSL.txt  ntop.8          pbuf.c            report.c       utils
autotoolversions   dirent.c        html                   main.c               ntop.c          plugin.c          reportUtils.c  vendor.c
ChangeLog          docs            httpd.c                Makefile.am          ntop-cert.pem   plugins           sessions.c     vt.sed
compile            emitter.c       iface.c                Makefile.mingw       ntop-config.in  pluginSkeleton.c  ssl_utils.c    webInterface.c
config.sub         event.c         iface.h                MANIFESTO            ntop_darwin.c   PORTING           stamp-h.in     www
:~/ntop-5.0.1# ./configure
-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
~/ntop-5.0.1# uname -r
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ls -l configure
the setting might be off or it might be config.
it might be ./Configure
sh configure
Run "autogen.sh" instead.

Please be aware that you'll need "automake/autoconf" to make it work.

Consult the "INSTALL" and "README" files for more.
alexjayaprakashAuthor Commented:
I have done it

:~/ntop-5.0.1# ./autogen.sh

Starting ntop automatic configuration system v.0.2.3

  Please be patient, there is a lot to do...

1. Testing gnu tools....

You must have svn/subversion installed to compile autogen.sh.
Download the appropriate package for your distribution, or get the
source from http://subversion.tigris.org
:~/ntop-5.0.1# ./configure
-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
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Yes, svn is needed to compile from source.

Why do you want to do that anyway? What's the problem with the precompiled version?

sudo apt-get install ntop -y
alexjayaprakashAuthor Commented:
I have installed ntop before from APT but it's 4.10 version, I want to install newest version where I download from ntop.org tar.gz file.
So go ahead with svn.

And read the INSTALL file as well as docs/BUILD-NTOP.txt
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