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Dear experts

we are using Exchange server 2003,  one of our users mailbox size has been increased more than 11 GB, the user deleted the unwanted mails from the outlook, but still the size of the mailbox shows the same 11 GB on the server as well as on his computer.

 is there any way to reduced the size manually
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Guru JiCommented:
The space will not be released until the retention period has expired, only then will the space be made available in Exchange following an online maintenance task (event ID 1221).

See here for further info on deleted item retention settings for the mailbox store:
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Hope the data isnt in the Deleted items folder after you deleted from Inbox or other folders :)

Could simply apply "Auto-Archive" in Outlook to move all data older than 4 months to some PST. Make sure that where ever the PST is there is Enough free space :)

You can reduce the size either by deleting data manually from the Outlook or also applying "Mailbox Manager Policy" but this will either move to deleted items or to "Dumpster\Permanently Delete" ....

Let me know if you still have some doubts or concerns :)

- Rancy
Maybe he have to flush the deskbin... and restard the system...

(Sorry my english is bad ^^)

but for limit the size for message the best is to look at this tutorial:
MsiiAuthor Commented:
i reduced the period
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