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which phone is best for pre paid cell plan

I was wondering if there is a pre paid cell phone plan out there that lets you buy cards to load your minutes.  I am looking for the cheapest one.  My wife needs a cell phone that she will only be using about 5 times a month.  60 minutes a month would be enough.  I don't really want to go with something that is $20-30 a month always.  Is there something that would be cheap an you can just pay for minutes used?
1 Solution

For a question like this, you really need to state what country you are in. If you are in the US, the best options are likely to be T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile, they have some different options and decent coverage (and Virgin Mobile is really a subsidiary of Sprint in the US).

Beyond that, you'll need to check coverage maps, etc.

You'll want to check on hidden fees with all plans. For example, I am a long time Verizon user, but when I tried their pay-as-you-go plan a few years ago, they had a lot of hidden fees ate into the prepaid account.


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