can't open access reports that are located on the network?

When I try to open an access report over the internet from another computer’s shared file I get this warning.

Microsoft Access cannot open this file
This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft will not open the file due to potential security problems. To open the file, copy it to your machine or an accessible network location.

I can successfully access the same reports from a different computer. Does any one have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?

I am running windoes 7 Professional 32x

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Narender GakkaConnect With a Mentor AWS / DevOps / Cloud ConsultantCommented:
Go to the Internet Options setting in the Control Panel and (if not already done) set the Local intranet security zone to the default level of Medium Low.  Then, click Sites, Advanced, and add the server FQDN and IP address to the list of allowed sites (e.g., "" minus quotes).
HOTWATTAuthor Commented:
I actually figured it out my self. I went into internet options, security, local intranet and then sites. There was a list that said automatically detect intranet network. So I unchecked that and checked the other three options and it worked. Thanks for the suggestion though you steered me in the right direction!
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