Email Notification to local test when using Citrix


Recently our network has been updated and a couple of our users are now complaining they dont get email notifications on there local machine from when in citrix ( hosted desktop).

It seems the last citrix setup the users were able to get local notifications of emails without outlook being published as an app or setup on the local machine. I've come in since the upgrade and i'm not entirely sure how the old system was configured but its not something ive heard of before.

The new system is MS based using xen app 6 and exchange 2010 with outlook 2010.

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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I have never seen this, and I don't think it is possible either! To receive notifications the email app, I believe should be setup and launched.

Usually users don't know how to express themselves - for example I frequently get requests from users that their computers are locked to discover at the end that they actually meant that their user accounts have been locked. I suggest that you investigate more with them to get what actually they had previously that they don't see now.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
What is the upgrade you have done: is it upgrade to outlook 2010?

The notification behaves awkwardly in outlook 2010 on a terminal services environment where it pops up behind the app - see this article:

Just to ensure you have done everything from your part check if the option for the notification is enabled on your users' outlook profiles and if yes then try rebuilding a couple of the profiles to eliminate any corruption issues - this is outlined here:
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
thanks for your reply, the issue isnt that notifications dont work within the desktop, the users claim to have had notifications on there local machine when logged into citrix, without the use of a published or local instance of outlook.

I've never heard of this so thought id ask the question, to see if there was something id never seen before that allows local notifcations within windows.

The upgrade was from citrix 4.5 to xen app 6. so basically a whole new system i never saw the old system so can't counter the users claims ..
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
Thats kind of what i thought too,  i did check with the users they are convinced they had this without outlook locally or a published app .... but i dont see any method of doing this.
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