Physical to Virtual Covertion failed to join domain

After a Physical to virtual convertion of windows server 2003 with exchange 2007 on it, i cannot logon on the existing domain. Trying to login, i get the following error message.

"windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down, or otherwise unavailbale, or because your computer account was not found."
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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check to make sure that the NIC on the VM is connected and on the right virtual network. If you want the server to have the same name/IP, etc, then make sure the other server is down. I'd then stop all the Exchange services and remove the VM from AD and then rejoin it. For this type of server I would recommend having the same name and IP; avoids other issues.

Messing with Exchange is always tricky, but as long as the name and IP stay the same then the above should allow you to rejoin the domain and Exchange should just come up and work.
Preston GrantTAC III EngineerCommented:
Check the type of nic you assigned to the new VM. if the VMware tools were not successfully installed, change the nic to the E1000 version, set your IP properties and try again.
Ahmad AbuatayaPre-Sales EngineerCommented:
1-check the physical one , it should be powered off
2-check the new mac address it should be the same in both side if they are not you can edit the virtual one manually , its by default automatic but you can change this :)
3-check the vLan settings

this is all about p2v
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