creating a scheduled task to restart an existing service in SERVICES.MSC


  I have a service called "workflow" in services.msc (on Windows 2008 Std) that becomes ineffective from time to time, so I end up restarting it once a week on average when the user calls me.
 Can I create a DOS command script, store in .BAT file and have it run once a day so that I don't have to open SERVICES.MSC and re-start every time the user calls me with the problem.

Path to Executable:
C:\Program Files\Software Systems, Inc\DirectoryName\Workflow.exe
Logon as "Local System Account"

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net stop workflow
net start workflow

Open in new window


taskkill /F /IM workflow.exe
C:\Program Files\Software Systems, Inc\DirectoryName\Workflow.exe

Open in new window

Top one will use the services.msc snap in to stop/start cleanly

Bottom one will forcefully kill the process and start it again.
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