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I have this query:

SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT p.UnosId AS [UNOS ID], ro.Name AS Hospital, dr.CrossClampedOn AS CrossClamp,
                      MAX(CASE WHEN evCriteria.parentValueId = '860f6e6d-26e5-4667-8cb2-774f4dc249ae' THEN evCriteria.Description ELSE '0' END) AS [Donor Criteria Type],
                      CONVERT(varchar(10), p.Age) + '/ ' + p.AgeUnits AS [Age/Units], p.Sex,
                      MAX(CASE WHEN ev.EnumerationTypeId = 'd9510b51-3677-4c39-b76a-eea698f50bc0' THEN ev.Description ELSE '0' END) AS Race, CONVERT(varchar(10), p.Height)
                      + '/' + p.HeightUnits AS [Height/Units], CONVERT(varchar(10), p.Weight) + '/' + p.WeightUnits AS [Weight/Units], MAX(CASE WHEN c.NA IS NOT NULL
                      THEN CONVERT(nvarchar(10), c.NA) END) + '/' +
                          (SELECT     CONVERT(nvarchar(10), NA) AS Sodium
                            FROM          dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Chemistry AS s
                            WHERE      (DateTime = MAX(c.DateTime))) AS [Sodium Peak/Last]
FROM         dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Referral AS r INNER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_DonorReferral AS dr ON r.Id = dr.ReferralId INNER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Patient AS p ON r.PatientId = p.Id INNER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Organization AS ro ON r.ReferringOrganizationId = ro.Id INNER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Chemistry AS c ON p.PatientId = c.PatientId LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_EnumerationValue AS ev ON ev.Value = CONVERT(nvarchar(50), p.Race) LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_EnumerationValue AS evCriteria ON evCriteria.Id = dr.OrganOutcomeDetail
GROUP BY p.UnosId, ro.Name, dr.CrossClampedOn, p.Age, p.Sex, p.Height, p.HeightUnits, p.Weight, p.WeightUnits, p.AgeUnits
HAVING      (p.UnosId = 'VHO228')
ORDER BY Hospital

I need to make sure the MAXDateTime corresponds last entered c.NA. Sometimes there are greater dates with no entries.
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1 Solution
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
dont you think your where condition should be like this

                            WHERE      (DateTime = (SELECT MAX(c.DateTime) FROM dbo.ITX_vw_tbl_Chemistry AS c1 WHERE s.PatientId = c1.PatientId ) )) AS [Sodium Peak/Last]
LCNWAuthor Commented:
Aneeshattingal, I get a subquery returns more than 1 value error.
LCNWAuthor Commented:
Maybe a reverse coalesce? Not sure how to code that.
LCNWAuthor Commented:
This helped. Thanks.
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