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Print two or more copies based on fields value.

I have a crystal report  CRXI that prints  labels.
Report has detail line with several fields in,  no grouping
I am printing one label per detail line.
In report one of fields is  Qty.
Usualy Qty has value =  1.
Can I print two copies of particular record - label or 3 copies  or more if Qty =  2  or Qty=  3 or more.
The rest of records will be printed ones as they have qty = 1.
I hope that I explained properly what I need.
3 Solutions
This was discussed before and as far as I remember the solution was to create a table with multiple rows per label ( matching the number of the labels you want to print). You can join this table with your regular database tables and have multiple rows per label.
That is one method.  There is another.

Create a table with just numbers 1 - N where N is the max number of labels you might print

You can join the table using a >= join

LabelTable.Count >= NumberTable.Number

Check this link from Ken Hamady


If you will always have a small number of labels, for example if Qty will never be more than 5, another option would be to create multiple copies of your detail section, one for each potential label, and then suppress the extra sections.  Suppress the second section if Qty < 2, the third section if Qty < 3, etc.

 If Qty could be much higher, or you don't know how high it could be, then this approach probably isn't practical.

TarasAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all, it was good sugestion from all

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