Outlook 2007 Emails Look Strange

One of my computers has a different look to Outlook when I send emails.  When I click to send a new message the background of the composer is a gray color, then the Signature section has a white background and after the signature is the gray color again.  I don't think this is a problem with stationary and it is only an issue with HTML.  If I do plain text then obviously all formatting is removed.  Any ideas what setting needs to be changed?
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Okay a couple of other thyings it could be here

Could be the views may have somehow got screwed up
YOu can close outlook and re-open using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanviews

This will set them back to their defaults, then test and see

SOmething else that might affect this is an Add-in or Antivirus Integration
CLose outlook and re-start using
Start>RUn>Outlook.exe /safe

If it doesnt do it here we know its an add-in issue
we can then look at disabling it in the registry

Now Since OUltook Uses Word For its Email Editor something that could affect this, if using a standard email will eigther be the Normal.dotm or NormalEmail.dotm

Close out of all office applications
Locate your Normal templates
Rename them to Normal.old and NormalEmail.old
reopen word and Outlook
THey should be recreated, then try it again
You may need to check the theme settings for the signature you are using.  It could be using a different background color for the signature.
Actaully sounds like a windows theme issue here

Right Click on My COmputer>Choose Properties
Then Open the Advanced Tab

Under performance look at the settings
If Performance is set to adjust for best performance all the nice visual stuff is set to pretty basic settings

Try changing it to Best Appearance to let windows adjust
aclaus225Author Commented:
I thought it was a theme, then I looked under performance and it is not solved through either thing.
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