iPhone Reset - Apps and All Return?

I need to fully reset my iPhone.

Afterwards, when I sync it on my computer, will all my Apps return or do I have to start over again?  I assume I will have to setup mail accounts again but wonder about the rest.  Thanks.
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valmaticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends what type of sync you did. Before you wipe it not only sync it but also right click and choose backup. I am assuming when you are in itunes as well you know to click on the apps tab on the top and say you want to actually sync the apps! Also i like to right click on the device when i am in itunes and say transfer purchases. This basically puts what you bought on the phone into itunes. After i check the apps are checked to sync, i transfer purchase, then sync, then backup. Yes it does backup mail settings and other things like that. A backup is basically putting everything back to its last state.
MikeIT ManagerCommented:
iTunes will restore the last full backup after your reinstall iOS.  This backup includes everything except music, videos, and photos.
Yes, as soon as you sync with iTunes everything will come back.  You should do a sync with iTunes prior to the wipe to make sure that any downloaded apps are sync'd.  App settings may not be retained, however.  You might have to get your high scores again  :-)

reset phone to default

all apps would be lost
Is iOS 5 installed?  If so if iCloud is enabled the device should automatically backup every day when connected to wifi.
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