Over ride Domain Group Policy

Currently, we have the Default Domain Policy to display a legal disclaimer in the Interactive Login area in Group Policies.

We have several computers using Windows 7 that we are trying to get to login automatically. During the login process, it always stops at the disclaimer, waiting for the OK button to be clicked.

How can I set this up to NOT show this disclaimer, or more specifically, bypass this to allow the login process to complete?

I have tried applying a GPO for the OU that these computers are in that has the text removed, but since there is no entry in that particular setting, the Domain GPO takes over and displays the message and the pause.
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PAdocITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm pretty sure default domain policy applies to all domain computers regardless of OU.

You could put the machines in their own OU and block inheritance in GPME. The problem here though is it blocks all so any other items you have configured in default domain policy will be blocked as well.

The other option would require a new GPO or editing an existing GPO to include your disclaimer, apply that to any OUs that contain the machines you want the disclaimer to show up on. Put the machines you don't in their own OU.

I will admit I'm no group policy expert. So maybe someone with more skills can chime in with a better solution. Anyway hope that helps somewhat.

Edit: ve3ofa beat me to it. :)
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
one should never play with the original default domain policies but you're already past that.
create a new policy that has the disclaimer policy and remove it from the default domain policy

now you can apply this gpo to specific computers or ou's or add an override policy for specific computers.
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