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We're using Astra Phones and have set them to do group paging.   There are two groups of phones on two different subnets.  Unfortunately the subnets are not in close proximity to each other so we have to link them over a VPN between our two Edgemarc 4550 routers.  We've programmed paging so group one responds  to paging when it sees packets addressed to  Group two responds to paging when it sees packets addressed to  All phones respond when they say a packet going to

Things work fine when everyone's on the same subnet.   When we split them up and rely on an Edgemarc VPN we can't page the remote subnet since multicast packets aren't routed.

Is there any commercial solution that we can use to get around this situation?  I have yet to find a device that will encapsulate multicast packets for rebroadcast on remote segments.   I thought that maybe cyberdata might have an appropriate solution.  They seem to have a sip paging system but I don't know if it will put out multicast packets.

How can I solve this problem?
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@ kdubendorf

   I use the DCBNetwork UT-6602 and UT-3302 to tunnel UDP Multi-Cast traffic with Radio over IP traffic all the time.   They were designed for this specific task.

kdubendorfAuthor Commented:
I also ran into a solution from Barix.  They have firmware that can be added to their Barionet 100 Router that turns it into a Multicast Tunnel.
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