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Adding A Second Exchange 2007 Mailbox to Outlook 2003

I would like to add a shared Exchange Mailbox so that several people may access the mail and information contained within.  Each person already has a <name>@mycompany.com address, and this would be a customer.service@mycompany.com mailbox.

The mailbox has been created on Exchange.

When I attempt to add it in Outlook, I'm told I can only have one address.  

This would be a second mailbox.

Specifics:  Outlook 2003 and possibly 2007, Exchange 2007 running on SBS 2008.

What I've tried:

I saw a note about adding delegates to the mailbox, but I don't see where I would do this in Exchange.

2 Solutions
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Did you give "Full Mailbox Access" to user on shared mailbox ?
Did you give SendAs to be able to Send as that shared mailbox ?

- Rancy
Assuming your security rights are correct, I add it from the Options -> accounts -> Change your Exchange account -> More settings -> Advanced Tab, then click "Add" on "Open these additional mailboxes".
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Ohk as per your needs you only want Users to add Shared mailbox as secondary and be able to view its data and work ... so give Full Mailbox access and then add it as additional mailbox in Outlook.

Outlook 2003

    Log into your mailbox.

    From the Tools menu, choose Email Accounts... .

    Under "Email", select View or change existing email accounts, and click Next.

    In the Email Accounts window, select Microsoft Exchange Server, and then click Change. Click More Settings... .

    In the Microsoft Exchange Server window that appears, click the Advanced tab.

    Under "Mailboxes", click Add... .

    In the Add Mailbox window that appears, under "Add Mailbox:", enter the name of the Exchange mailbox (e.g., Automotive), and click OK.

    Click Apply, and then OK.

    In the Email Accounts window, click Next, and then Finish.


- Rancy
"I'm told I can only have one address"

This is correct, The reason you getting this error is because Outlook 2007 and earlier can only handle one exchange mailbox at a time.

Adding the additional mailbox per tsaico is the way to go
However, check the permissions for the customer services account in Active Directory

Make sure these users who need access have been added to the Mialbox rights with full access
Delegate access is not sufficient in this case

Once compeleted the users should be able to access the mailbox

Now, depending on what they need to do with the mail items

You will likley note that users may reply or send mail as the Customer services mailbox but sent items are not saved in the CSO Sent items

They will actually be sent via the default mailbox of each individual user
This again is due to outlooks limited ability in 2003/2007 to only be able to host a single fully functional exchange mailbox

Now if you want to give these users FULLY Functional Exhcange mailbox access to the CSO Mailbox

Simply upgrade them to Office 2010

Outlook 2010 now allows for up to 3 fully functional exchange mailboxes that will allow each user to use the mailbox as if it was their own

Also each person who has the mailbox added in 2010 will immediatley see than changes, sent items, or rplies that the others send
kfeltenbergerAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Several years back I worked for a firm and we had this setup and it worked extremely well for us.  Thanks for helping me get this setup now that I'm the "network guy"!

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