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I have an Excel 2010 procedure generates an e-mail with an attachment and uses htmlbody for the text of the message.

I need to sign the e-mail using one of twoOutlook signatures i.e. the equivalent of:
         New Message | Insert | Signature
and then select a named signature.  

The same routine also needs to be able to invoke the equivalent of:
         New Message | Options | From
and to insert a string with an e-mail address.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Since the excel procedure that generates the email msg is likely to be using MAPIMail not Outlook or exchange itself

You will need to manually add your signatures to your HTML Body Code

Alternativley you would need to create two email templates in outlooik
Then have you excel procedure call on one or the other

If you dont mind using a 3rd party app you could use mapi send.
Mapi Send can then send your Email with your sepcified Body from any given location on the local PC

Download for MapiSend

How to use mapisend
Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I think your best bet would be to create a macro in Excel.
NormanMitchellAuthor Commented:
I guess there is no way to do whay I want - but thank you for the suggestions
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