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Sorting the last 2 values in a name

Hello everyone, I am assuming someone has run into this before, I have a bunch of items who's last two characters are -A,-B,-C.....-Z,AA,AB,AC,AD in a data table the problem is any kind of simple sort in the SQL using Order By Right(myname,2)
gives me back -A,AA,AB,AC,AD,-B,-C...-Z) .
Is there a good way of doing what I want through SQL or do I have to go through the whole record-set manually and sort them into an array?
2 Solutions
Depending on the platform...

This would work for Access:

Order By Replace(Right(myname,2),"-","")
Try the following:

ORDER BY LEN(REPLACE(RIGHT(myname, 2), '-', '')), RIGHT(myname, 2)

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dsulkarAuthor Commented:
Both of you were right there, I am a programmer, not a full time DBA. I knew there was an easy way. fhlio_admin your answer was complete since just removing the "-" does not change the sort.
Order By Replace(Right(myname,2),"-","") still gave me A,AA,AB,AC,B,C,D...
so the second ORDER RIGHT(myname, 2) was necessary.
Thanks to both of you
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
I know the question is already accepted but what DB is this based on? You could also try this... (since the DB mustn't be sorting on the character value, otherwise the '-' WOULD come before 'A', but maybe the sort order that your database is using WILL put the '0' before the 'A')

ORDER BY REPLACE(RIGHT(myname, 2), '-', '0')

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If it works it should be more efficient (probably only a very minor difference, but every little bit helps)
dsulkarAuthor Commented:
It is just a standard Access 2003 database, thanks for the tips

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