Cannot install printer driver.

I am trying to install a Ricoh MP C5502 network printer on an HP 6530b laptop with Windows 7 professional 32bit. The process goes fine until I reach the "installing process" where the driver is actually installed. Then I get the following "Add Printer" error. Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000000c1). I called Ricoh support to confirm that I am using the correct driver. I am. I have tried using a Registry Cleaner and then retried the printer install - no success. I also tried (per a posting on this site) to start the installation and choose windows update- I was to cancel once the list of printers showed up and then try to reinstall the list never showed up. Instead I a windows update error saying it could not update. I see a lot on the internet about this; even some on your site but nothing that has helped me. I got the same error on anohter user's machine also. If I can get one to work I am sure that will be the solution for the other. Thx
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Sometimes, a network printer issue may be solved by installing the printer locally, then finding it on the network and clicking "Connect". It will almost always install once the driver is installed locally. You can then delete the original installation.

Chris B
So you have confirmed you are installing the correct driver named z53737L13.exe. You can download here to make sure you have the newest corrupt free driver:

You should install as a local printer... not a network printer. Then create a new TCP/IP port and enter the ip address of the print device. Follow the prompts and choose the driver you extracted from z53737L13.exe. Report back if you still receive the error.
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