Sync / Backup files from one folder to many.

I have a 'master website' which needs to be sync with 50 other websites hosted on the same server. Because of legal issues we need to keep this 50 installations separately. Each one connected to a separate database. BUT, the ASPS on all websites are the same, except for two folders.
Is there any software that would allow me to overnight copy the files from one 'master website' to all other websites if anything has changed on the master site ?  or better yet to just run a script to update the sites when i know something changed ?
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Thomas RushCommented:
Can the databases be shut down for this process?  If so, it should be easy; use a (or several for better concurrency) batch file that will for each server --
1) quiesce or stop a database;
2) Call Robocopy to copy changed files
3) restart the database

You probably want to choose when it runs, but it could be a scheduled job.

Start with one batch file that spawns (with the START command), say, five or ten others; those five or ten others will sequentially go through each server, operating the three commands above.

This assumes Windows, but similar functionality should be available in other OSs.
AleksAuthor Commented:
This is not for a database file, just ASPS. Ill check out the software (Robocopy).
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