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RegEx nearest

I have this text
(Objectid < 200 OR ObjectID > 600) and (test or best) W/5 AND (apple OR 10a) AND (Objectid < 100 OR ObjectID > 500)

I want to get nearest string with in() having And Or in it nearest W/digit both left and right of W/5.

In the above example I should get (test or best) (apple OR 10a)
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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
Building on kaufmed's solution to your previous question, this seems to work:

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I used the ignore case option for testing it.
chambarishAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I have one concerns with this.
I should get only the group if it is adjacent to W/
For Ex:
(Objectid < 200 OR ObjectID > 600) and test  W/5 AND (apple OR 10a)
If text next to w/ is enclosed with in brackets then only fetch
In the above example it should give me (apple OR 10a) and not (Objectid < 200 OR ObjectID > 600) as it is not present besides w/.
Gary DavisDir Internet SvcsCommented:
How about:

(\([^()]+\b(?:AND|OR)\b[^()]+\))? W/\d+ AND (\([^()]+\b(?:AND|OR)\b[^()]+\))?

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This is like the above solution but requires a space between the close paren and the W5 and that the W5 be followed by AND and the open paren of the next segment.

Gary Davis
Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
Gary, that pattern doesn't seem to work with:
(Objectid < 200 OR ObjectID > 600) and W/5 and test AND (apple OR 10a)

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Can you also have "OR" next to the W/number such as in:
(Objectid < 200 OR ObjectID > 600) OR test W/5 OR (apple OR 10a)

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If it can be "and" or "or" (or just be directly adjacent to the bracketed text without either) then this seems to work:

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If you can only have "and" (or just be directly adjacent) and don't want to allow "or", then use this:

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