can't access screensaver in Windows 7 domain user

I'm the administrator of this small domain network with Windows 2003 domain controller.   I have a new Windows 7 Pro 64-bit computer which will not allow configuration of screensaver when logged in as domain user.  I can access screensaver when logged in as domain admin or logged in as a local user.  I would suspect a domain group policy but none of the other Windows 7 computers on the network have this problem.  Only this new computer.  I'm baffled.  A Microsoft KB says the user profile is corrupt and has to be replaced.  However the same thing happens if I log on with a different domain user profile.  Any ideas?
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SymTec-TechConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
To access what your viewing in settings you right click on the Group policy on the left and Edit.
It gives you a tree structure. User configuration - adminitrative templets- Control panel/display
then it should let you change the settings for the Hide Screen Saver Tab
SymTec-TechIT DirectorCommented:
This is the location in Group policy that contains Screen saver information
"User Configuration|Administrative Templates|Control Panel|Display"
Check the Settings Tab in Group policy to see what is being applied by each policy
dgowerAuthor Commented:
Checked the following...

On the local computer with the problem:
"User Configuration|Administrative Templates|Control Panel|Display" shows...
Disable the Display Control Panel - Not Configured
Hide Settings Tab - Not Configured

When you rightclick the desktop and choose Personalize you see:
"One or more of the settings on this page has been disabled by the system administrator."

I just checked Group Policy Management on the Domain Controller and did find some relevant group policies set, however I can't find an option to disable them.
See the attached screenshot.  It's odd that these GPs don't affect all the other Windows 7 computers on the network, but may this is it?

dgowerAuthor Commented:
Thanks SymTec-Tech.  It was nonintuitive to me that the GP would be affecting one Windows 7 computer but not the others.  However this was the fix!  Thanks for guiding me through finding the right switches and dials.
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