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Conversion from Visual Basic Express to C#

Hi, I am trying to convert Visual Basic Express File to C# for further development. Few things couldn't figure out. Please do assist on the matter.

Imports System.Net.Sockets
using System.NetSockets
Imports FServerSupport.PLCNetwork
//I did attached the FServerSupport.dll in reference and trying out using FServerSupport //and press dot, the PLCNetwork doesn't appear.

Public Function ConnectToServer(ByRef stream As [NetworkStream], _
                                  ByVal usr As [String], ByVal pw As [String]) As String

//is this correct
Public string ConnectToServer( NetworkStream stream, string usr, string pw)
// just doubted on string whether string or String.
Rama Tito
Rama Tito
1 Solution
Well you can use this


String and string are both fine in C#.

Is it a typo

or u hav been using

using System.NetSockets

It should be
using System.NetSockets;

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