WHO better ask to remove the INtruded Router before you get the connection?

Posted on 2012-08-28
Last Modified: 2012-11-02
Aug. 26 2012  09:39~09:47, 23:52 win7U_6 sp1  , attach
Aug. 28 2012  15:16 win7U_6 sp1

Dear giltjr,

Thank you your comment above . Let me find what problem on my PC such four months.

HOW can I fix it ? Where I better report to please since the and ISP retain nothing goes better over four months?   unlawfully take my 30M_wire_24m+1m ISP Account  Intruded a router#1
make me to be INTRANET.

Have NO connection with ONLY MODERN . "INTRANET" connection with Router. [#2 your hint]

Well, Mostbroad band Modern ONlY talk with one MAC, My pc MAC has been CLONED ?
WHERE IS THE BURGLAR ? WHO would put him /her to prison ?

See the attach ... Alert the network by Microsoft Diagnose on Adapter Local Connection.

Question by:BLEUOSIOU
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    Accepted Solution

    You need to verify where you are connected.

    According to the 1st file

    Your DHCP server is address
    Your Computer has an IP address of with a  mask of

    According to the second file:

    The address getting rejected is  Not sure of the subnet mask, but that address is NOT in the same IP subnet as your computer.

    This implies that your computer may have been connected to a different network that uses the address range (network mask  Your computer attempted to re-new the address, which is NOT valid for the DHCP server at

    Author Comment

    Aug. 29 2012  23:44 ~ Aug. 30 2012 00:08  win7U6 sp1

    YES, you are right.  At the Router Setting, there is MAC clone on WAN1 and WAN2. two similar but only the last 2-digits.

    Router connection is Map_Network with "Unknown" however,  better it can offer the "Internet connection". true or false not sure. On map show is ok anyway.

    Let me show you the MODERN connection picture here attach.
    IF understand you right,  the take Advance of My Modern DHCP role as Router #1 then set the sub-net on the LMHOST make me access :"INTRANET"  .

    ISP and Local communication management have taken four months to monitor on it. Time back to earlier 10 May 2012 request to  Microsoft, McAfee ...

    Where and who better for a client to urgent this please?
    Seriously,  no confidence on this post would be read by a proper one.

    LVL 57

    Expert Comment

    I'm not 100% sure what you are attempting to day.  English is obviously not your first language and I don't speak any other language.

    What it looks like in the second set of screen shots is you have your "router/modem"
     setup as a bridge and you are doing PPP directly from your computer through your "router/modem" to your ISP.  

    In that setup your computer will have an IP address that your ISP provides which typically will be a public IP address.

    It also looks like as you are attempting to connect using PPP you are also attempting to connect to your "router/modem" which explains the subnet address.

    Typically you would NOT use a PPP connection through your "router/modem", but allow your "router/modem" to make the PPP connection.

    Even if you wanted to do PPP through your "router/modem",  I'm not even sure that there are ISP's out there that would allow multiple PPP connections active at the same time.

    I would suggest you just allow your "router/modem" to handled the PPP connection to your ISP, and just use DHCP from your computers to your "router/modem".

    Author Comment

    Aug. 30 2012  07:43 ~ 08:11 , 16:48 win7U6 sp1

    Screenshot Aug. 26 2012
                 PC ------- Router ------ Modern ------ 'ISP' as modified by Router ; ipconfig /renew :(

    Photo shot  Aug. 29 2012 the second post
                 PC ------- Modern ------- "ISP"  as CUT because of being routed to else PC
                 CONNECT PC directly to MODERN, then MODERN does PPPoE access to ISP.
                 MODERN adapter LOST its DHCP connection on Ipconfig /all but DHCP enabled at  
                 the WINS of Local Area Connector.


    "Modern"  here,  must give more words to
         ISP tendering Modern_device can be switched freely online between wire and    
         wireless without having to change the device itself .
         When power on , the Modern get connection PC ----- Modern  ----CUT--- "ISP"
                   Modern  ----CUT--- "ISP" as being  routed shown in mapping net
                   PC ----- Modern  = routing, the modern itself has routing function
                   FE80:: ipv6 tells the routed AP is transferring me wireless address touch the
                   network card.
                   Well, 30M_wire is my e-agreement only one WAN account by just ISP
        < Router_Modern > is nominated myself although ISP said many times , the Modern
         has no route function and fine to get "INTRANET" .

    Suppose a powerful Router / Security Device can help to get clean connection,  eliminate
    illegal UNKNOWN device, control IP obtain well, that would like to be a good solution, then what model , which company is good?

    My brand new practical router can get connection but being cloned the MAC at WAN1 and WAN2 with 2-digits difference WAN2 has been disabled when setting for this warranty stuff.  It won't work any more right now tearfully.

    When Internet is not .COM  any more , it comes over essentially to the .mil or .edu etc...
    everything will not be evaluated by the finance and the E-communication management.

    The 3rd notice
                 Another User_alias at Loggon again, BLEUOSIOU is barely registered.


    Author Comment

    Sept. 1st 2012  03:04~03:21  win7 u 6 sp1

    The Unknown  & Static router#1  has got DHCP from ISP  .
    See the attach.

    It can not be deleted or replaced by the MAC own.  

    REF: ID38355725

    LVL 57

    Expert Comment

    Still trying to figure out what you are saying.  The device with the MAC that start F0DEF1 may be a computer made by Lenovo.  Do you have any devices made by them?

    I have noticed that you have multiple questions going on that seem to be related to this.  I going to read those and see if I can figure out exactly what you are trying to ask/do.

    Author Comment

    Sept. 2nd 2012  03:43~03:54, 04:19  w7U6 sp1

    Thank you giltjr you here to read this ...

    UNKNOWN Router shown on McAfee,  presume to be the MODERN of ISP however, it is not be a router but only a Modern said by ISP many times. While it is configurable to wire and wireless whenever without physically changing it .  Nearly four months passed since earlier May 2012 this distribution.

    UNKNOWN Device _ F0DEF1 ...   map_w7u6  shown as unknown
                                                                           map_vista shown as a Switch
    When Vista online, its IP into , plainly there are 3  IP devices on the network.
    GLF2 and the UNKNOWN share one same with different MAC addresses.

    GLF2 ,  GLF  are only two PCs on my network nothing links to the PC vender.

    Look at the updated capture in this post please,  It is time after DNS set by the static IPs as Microsoft timeout Events repeated .  DHCP  alert on Events won't prompt.  Because it is merged into Router #1 according on  your theme , I think ?  

    The LAN to Internet  does Connected on map anyway after,  mergered the MODERN PPPoE dialup to the LAN at the share center. It looks like the Modern Is the Router here !?

    From 03:03:59 to now 04:13 by the watching , events alert DNS there is no more  scrolling  list.

    NOT SURE this is truly deliverable  to the Expert web server  yet.


    Author Comment

    Sept. 2nd 2012  09:15 ~ 09:21 , 09:36 , 19:23 w7U6_sp1

    The LAN joined Dial_Up Modern Connection disapeared the CUT to Internet on map .

    Because the Modern connecting to the LAN of Unknown Router #1 , not the LAN of ISP.  see the photo shot.

    WHO is the unknown Router #1 , how to extract it ?  

    Lenovo diagnose device Network Card abiding "No Internet"

    DNS time.out events re-back after reboot for sure  more warning events than setting the Gateway fix at this IP   . I would  be able to proceed via DHCP to get ISP IP .

    Any particular ration for its being present?

    There is no at all an Unique identify for any PC by DaveHowe

    Yes , mainly imply those Threads from Hareware engineering.  
    How to filter our E-World of person in by a Moral Standard what sort of ?

    WHY names forever left in people's memory  such as
    Evil One
    Old Nick
    Prince of Darkness, , , ,  and
    Satan ?
    LVL 57

    Expert Comment

    I am assuming by MODERN you mean modem.

    What is the type and brand of router/modem you have?

    Does it support Wireless connections?

    Do any of your computers have wireless connections?

    Author Comment

    Sept. 04th 2012  07:27~07:58  w7U_6 sp1

    MODERN _ ZXDSL 931CIIA  @ZTE  [ISP supply]
                      wire / wireless switchable online
                      All the photos here in this topic without Router using.
                      When Cisco Router mounted, same thing like merger modern to
                      the Unknown Router#1 which routed by Interface 1 loopback as attach.

                      ISP  created irrational  two user accounts when the contract effected  year      
                      By my inquiry,  one agency assigned recently who was designated to trace and
                      correct it , as same long as an e-agreement posted on ISP website,   yet today.

                      A flatter able to be the front of a Smear with else resources ? Then a flip flop.
                      No wireless devices running at port of the modern . A test  done on  Ipad
                      with the AP months ago.
                      NetworkCard  detected IPV6 address shown Wireless anyway FE80:: that is
                      wireless according to Microsoft.

    LVL 57

    Expert Comment

    If you are not using wireless, then I would suggest you disable/turn it off.

    Author Comment

    Sept. 04 2012  15:55 ~ 16:05 win7U 6 sp1

    Wireless service disable on PC,  Netsh shown WLAN off mode. Nothing no difference.
    Well,  modern wireless control by ISP.

    Calling back the own @linksys Router, MAC cloned shown two of there for dual WANs , none matches itself labeled serial number or MAC.

    What this is why the Router device power forced off when it connected to the Vista that is the clone MAC on server of Linksys for it.  The device MAC was cloned maliciously somewhere at in larger ?  Change the device 1 to 1 take about one month inquiringly .

    LVL 57

    Expert Comment

    Is there anyway you can get your ISP to disable the wireless?

    The only way somebody could be accessing your Internet connection would be through the wireless connection.

    Are you saying that you have NO administrative access to your router?

    If you don't, then there is nothing you can do.  All control is with your ISP.

    Author Comment

    Sept. 04 2012  20:55~21:11, 21:52  w7U6_sp1
    Sept. 05 2010 05:43, 06:01, 07:21 w7U6 sp1

    MODERN configuration managed  exclusively by ISP . The modern here function as a Router although ISP don't agree with it.

    This is a stand alone personal plan applied to the local ISP.

    Like pictured above myself, ARP argument to delete the Router  space

    "No one can fix it beyond the ISP ? "  How about remotely ?
    who has retained the error operation over a year . Communication manage dept. compromise with the ISP as well for a couple of months.

    Can I image the Router , Modern etc.. devices duplicated for their MAC on some of by the manufacturer location-ally ?  American more happy than avoiding the suffers like this ?

    Where and who best for a client like me to get helps from please... ?

    NO,. 05th up at logon 2 user name with
    This is alike a share[W X R D ?] post besides the members.  Alert email also comes in later time than the exactly response post time point at least 20 minutes.


    Author Closing Comment

    Sept. 06 2012  18:27 ~ 18:44 , 23:33 w7u6 sp1

    giltjr is good for the concept on Router.
    He has not been able to dispose a real-world problem yet . Well , who can , scare few I am afraid, it is too complicated.

    Point out :
    Illegal purpose
            smear, black business, part of manipulation etc...
    Device manage of ISP
    Service of ISP

    "Connection problem" solved technically area by giltjr.

    THE PROBLEM is continue for the stand alone client.
    -- degenerating the client Authentication to ISP DHCP Server Register.
    --Local E-certification has been moved and installed somewhere by the villainous ones  
      perhaps since,  my PC , the  owner unable to work with it for couple of months ? Not
      sure ,  just two days ago found it.

    Perhaps 'protecting me'  from external Intrude , pretend to be optimistically any way.
    Because the ISP acclaim this " Router" that should not be but " Modern" is ITS.


    Author Comment

    Sept. 08 2012  09:44~ 10:05 w7u6 sp1

    Cisco Router after copying the MAC, set IPV6 DHCP server on Higher PE , CPE, DHCPv6 device, it can register ISP as a host, domain such etc...  is it the UNKNOWN between PC and LAN on my network map , I guess so ?  Because two WAN MACs were cloned seen at the setting in account. Brand new default status was empty for this column remembered.

    This OS is w7 home preemie of Lenovo. The upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate is with by  Microsoft packet sale . All the OS management authority has been handed to Microsoft.
    by acl-puzz , c/o rfc1180

    ipv6 unicast-routing
    ipv6 dhcp pool india
     prefix-delegation 2340:1111:AAAA:1::/64 0005000400F1A4D070D003
     prefix-delegation pool india lifetime infinite infinite
     dns-server 2340:1111:AAAA:1::1

    interface FastEthernet0/0
     no ip address
     duplex half
     ipv6 address 2340:1111:AAAA:1::1/64

    Now client config

    ipv6 unicast-routing

    interface FastEthernet0/0
     no ip address
     duplex half
     ipv6 address autoconfig
     ipv6 dhcp client pd india

    Author Comment


    For basic differences between IPv4 and IPv6:

    Sept. 21 2012  15:37 win7U6 sp1
    REF: DavisMcCarn

    APNIC unable get touch with email   20100630  reply back
    OR phone general line: 852.2888-2888
                                                                        ( for both personal and commercial clients )

    If you are in Hong Kong, that might be a valid ip:
    % [ node-2]
    % Whois data copyright terms

    inetnum: -
    netname:        NETVIGATOR
    descr:          PCCW Limited
    descr:          PO Box 9896 GPO Hong Kong
    country:        HK
    admin-c:        NA45-AP
    tech-c:         NA45-AP
    mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
    mnt-lower:      MAINT-HK-IMS-CS
    mnt-routes:     MAINT-HK-IMS-CS
    status:         ALLOCATED PORTABLE
    remarks:        -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    remarks:        This object can only be updated by APNIC hostmasters.
    remarks:        To update this object, please contact APNIC
    remarks:        hostmasters and include your organisation's account
    remarks:        name in the subject line.
    remarks:        -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    changed: 20100629
    source:         APNIC

    descr:          PCCW IMS Route Object
    origin:         AS4760
    mnt-by:         MAINT-HK-IMS-CS
    mnt-routes:     MAINT-HK-IMS-CS
    changed: 20100630
    source:         APNIC

    address:        PO Box 9896 GPO
    address:        Hong Kong
    phone:          +852-2888-2888
    country:        hk
    admin-c:        WC109-AP
    tech-c:         WC109-AP
    nic-hdl:        NA45-AP
    mnt-by:         MAINT-HK-IMS
    changed: 20020815
    source:         APNIC

    But; if you're anywhere else, your account has been hacked, most probably by a password trojan.

    Check you computer with RogueKiller:

    Author Comment


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