Software to automatically read POP3 email account and save each email text as a separate file

I need a piece of software which can run as a scheduled service reading a POP 3 email account and saving the text of each email in a designated folder

Does anyone know of such software
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Take a look at the EFS POP3 Collector

While it's primary use is to download POP3 messages and forward them to a "local" mail server, it has a number of options.


Download messages to a local folder - and NOT forward.
Built in scheduler
Can run as a service (hidden)
Can download from multiple servers and save files to different local folders
The messages are stored as .EML files that can be opened as plain text or with a Mail application (they call this Backup copies)

You would need to purchase the licensed "Pro" version but it does exactly what you are asking for.

The actual term they use is "Advanced Plus" and costs US$ 85 one time.
just get some command-line pop3 client and run your custom batch/powershell script on directory with retrieved messages


Use windows task scheduler to run the client repeatedly.
gaa18Author Commented:
Sorry I'm aware of this type of solution but I was looking for a software package
I could configure
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