export pst's from offline privé.edb


I have a crashed server SBS2003.
I have recovered the exchange directory.
How can I recover the mailboxes to pst-files?

I tried with exmerge but it won't work...

Do I have to setup new server?
Can i extract mailboxes without doing that?
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There are two ways to extract PST from mailboxes

1) The microsoft way, where you'd restore you're database to Mailbox store (or RSG) and then use ExMerge to extract PST
2) The non-microsoft way, where you'd use the tools available in the market such as ontrack, kernel etc which can provide PST from exchange database files.

Choice is yours.

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Wernt the users Outlook in cache if so PST could be converted from OST.

Anyways you can use 3rd party tools like  "Ontrack and kernel" for extracting data from .edb+.stm.

I tried with exmerge but it won't work... - Exmerge will only work on a Mounted Mailbox database :(

Let me know if you have doubts :)

- Rancy
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There are tools but I think  you would be hard pressed to find a free one. Some have evaluations that you can try. This link is an example.

A lot of third party tools are available in the market. Download software from any of the website:-

1. http://www.quest.com/recovery-manager-for-exchange/
5. http://www.stellarinfo.com/edb-exchange-server-recovery.htm
ExMerge only works against a Mounted store, i.e. you can use it to take action against a Production Exchange database OR if you have an offline copy of the database you can mount in an RSG and then use ExMerge against it, however since you are SBS it would appear that you have lost all AD information as well which is required for use of ExMerge.  Therefore there are two possibilities.

1. If you have a backup of the SBS server to put back in place, first ensure you have a copy of the most up to date EDB put aside onto another machine somewhere and then restore the SBS server to the latest backup.  Once operational create an RSG http://support.microsoft.com/kb/824126 and then use ExMerge against the RSG

2. If the above is not an option then the 3rd party utility is the way to go, however be careful in selecting a tool since their are really only 3 good tools IMO that are complete and accurate in obtaining and exporting the data.  do a simple search in Google of something like "Export Exchange Mailbox from Offline Exchange database"
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