how to get Google out of my biz

Every time I turn around, Google has placed another "thing" on one of my employees computers.  How do I keep Google's subtle takeover attempts out of my business?
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building on southpau1 suggestion use iobit unistaller which is one of the best unistallers and it is for free as well, please remember to use the powerful option scan after you unistall an up as it searches the whole pc for any other left over/related software as well as registry entries etc
Don't allow your employees to install their own software on your computers.
Timothy McCartneySYS ADMINISTR I INFRASCommented:
I second that. The only real way to completely prevent it is to deny the ability to install software by placing your users into a more restricted group membership.
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wfcrrAuthor Commented:
I may need to reword my question.  Where should I look to undo whatever stupidity Google has placed, settings-wise, on our WinPro7 machines? Obviously I encourage our people to not allow Google stuff, but, Google is sneaky and there are online operations we use that prompt people do things, anyway, my point is I do  not want to have discussion on employee's, I want to have discussion on tracking down settings affected by unintentional employee missteps.  Google is sneaky and I want to know where to look to undo their intentional changes to our computers.
i am going to tell you what you do not want to here, you cant know unless you know what they have installed on the pcs, i will give you an example.
some one might have installed the google bar in ie8 or 9 which is fairly simple to trace and unistall


someone else might have installed the desktop search which is more tricky

i will agree with the comments above, you should start restricting installation privileges as well as creating a policy that stops users changing IE8/9 settings and/or revert all the IE settings to the default ones every time that they log in for a new session

good luck and lets us know if you need more help.
if you have a tool like big fix or use SCCM, you should have the capability to search all installed software by who the developer was.  so search for software developed by google, and remove it.
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