when USB flash drive does not work

In some work desktops, can't even make a flash drive work on USB port. Is it because the user has no admin local rights? how can we confirm if it is permissions issue?
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More and more workplaces are implementing GPOs to restrict outside storage drives, which are a source of viruses and malware.  Here is an article on how it is done: http://www.petri.co.il/disable_usb_disks_with_gpo.htm
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
login as local or domain admin into machine and try to put USB flash drive, if it won´t work then probably flash drive or USB ports on motherboard are corrupted
to check USB drive is OK, try to plug into other machine
Users should be able to use flash drives without extra permissions. However sometimes the default USB drivers are replaced by unsigned USB drivers, which will prevent non-admin users from installing USB drives. Try using SFC /scannow in an administratve command prompt

Maybe local or AD group policy is restricting installation.

Another suggestion is to check whether the USB drive is trying to take a drive letter already assigned, eg to a network drive or internal memory card reader

Open Disk Management (Right click on My Computer and choose Manage) and see if the drive is listed there. Then try assigning it a drive letter
25112Author Commented:
OK- thanks.
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