encrypt a file when you are not a local admin?

without admin privileges, is there a way to encrypt a file? (can't install truecrypt)
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If you run it on a USB you don't have to encrypt anything on your pc.

Win7 is the best way forward with bitlocker on it, check the link below:
what operating system you have?
win7 has a build in facility called bitlocker i believe

in addition what type of file it is as excel and outlook have build in facilities for that

have a quick look here:
an alternative approach would be to use a USB stick with an encryption program:

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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
or less suspicious - use 7zip (www.7-zip.org) - this is a completely free and open source compression program, which in addition to the usual zip format supports its own 7z format. In both, you can select to protect your archive with a password using AES@256 bits.

you can justify the use of 7z as it is both free and higher compression than most commerical packages (although peazip is better still) without people wondering "what you have to hide" by having and using a dedicated encryption package.

there is an explicitly portable version here:

or you could request that your internal IT department actually install it for you - given the price, they may even adopt it as part of the standard package :)
@davehowe something tells me that asking the IT department installing 7-zip has sailed as a ship :-)

the portable version of the 7-zip might be the way
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
@xmlmagician: Depends on how you ask, and what leverage you have.

A common business justification would be (for example) to get a customer to send you something 7-zipped with a password "for security reasons" then ask IT "I have this sensitive customer information in a 7z file that I need to complete a contract; I believe you need www.7-zip.org, which is free, to unzip that. can you install that or some alternative that is IT approved as soon as possible, so I can continue to earn money for the company?"
@davdhow: i am not saying that it is not an excellent piece of open source software, i am just saying that i have the feeling that their admin team (from what i heard so far) might have other ideas :-)
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
@xmlmagician: No agument there, but if you ask "give me something to open 7z files, here is the standard free option, but anything you prefer will be fine" he should get *something* that can set passwords on 7z files :)
25112Author Commented:
the problem is
1)privilege is restricted so can't install anything..
2)even truecrypt.exe did not work.
3)there are lot of file.. close to 120 files.. all kinds of extension.. they all need same encryption regardless if it goes usb or cd.

this is for xp machine.

if it is for win7 and if it has bitlocker as you say and won't be blocked by admins, then i can take it to next department and ask some one to encrypt into a usb?
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