Users unable to change domain password

After inheriting network administrator responsibilities, I have been trying to clean up the Group Policies on this domain. I think I did something to screw up our password policy. The Default Domain policy is set to minimum 6 characters and 0 days minimum and 90 days maximum. I found out today that something I did has made it so that users changing their passwords get "does not meet requirements" message, even though I know that they are within those requirements.

If I set their accounts to require a password change on the next login, they are able to set it without issue, but if they do a ctrl+alt+del, and choose change password it says the password does not meet the requirements, even though it does.

I have run gpresult, and the Default Domain policy is the "winning policy", so I am absolutely baffled at what might be causing this issue. Any thoughts?
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PaulNSWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also if you increase the complexity of the passwords, a password must contain 3 our of the following 4



would be a valid password
Check the Minimum Password Age settings
grnerd2Author Commented:
It was set to 30 before, and after I discovered the problem I set it to 0 to try and troubleshoot, but it had not effect on the issue.
it may take some time for the changes to replicate to all DCs and clients


repadmin /syncall on the DC you made the GPO changes on
Then try gpupdate /force on a client, reboot and get them to try changing password again
grnerd2Author Commented:
repadmin /syncall seemed to work, Thanks!
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