Can I use a webcam on a Wyse C90 thin client in a RD session without Citrix?

Hi all,

My object is to let our Windows Remote Desktop Server / Wyse C90 users participate in GoToMeeting HDFaces meetings.
My Googling seems to indicate that we need to buy Citrix XenApp to accomplish this, at about $945 for every five users.
I just wanted to see if we must buy the Citrix software to get it done or if the C90 can recognize and use a webcam all by itself.

We are using LogiTech C260 webcams. Server 2008 Std running Remote Desktop Services.
Thanks in advance!
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thinclientguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With the Wyse TCX tools you can use the webcam through RDS or TS on older servers.  The # of webcams though are limited depending on which version of TS/RDS you are using and on which server.

You cannot use the webcam locally on this unit though it will have to be through USB redirection.
Which C90 do you have?  Also you may want to look at using Wyse TCX as this would be required to get a webcam to work properly under RDS.  Also depending on the device type you could potentially even run it locally off of the thin clients.

I know on the HP windows embedded units this is possible but webcam through RDS is always tricky.   With Server 2012 it will work much better.
akus1Author Commented:
Ooops. I mis-typed. The Wyse Thin Client is Model C10LE. I am editing this post now.
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