UNC browse by name doesn't work

I am having a strange issue.  When I try to browse a unc path by the name it doesn't work but if I do it by IP it works fine.

\\srv-nas                 <-- doesn't work
\\     <-- works fine

I have a windows small business 2003 server and the dns is correctly set for the A record of srv-nas to be resolved to I can ping srv-nas and it replies  I even set an entry in the host file just to be thorough. Of course I've rebooted. I also am not using a WINS.

Plus the \\srv-nas works fine on other machines.

This machine is running windows 7 64bit.
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jasonsloganConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I logged in as a different user and it worked fine.  I logged in with that user to another computer and it worked fine.

I've determined the profile itself on that one computer was the problem.  I deleted the profile and logged in again.

It worked fine after that.
How did you put the entry in the hosts file? Was it a fully-qualified name ("srv-nas.example.com") or was it the short name ("srv-nas")  ?
If you're going to use short names, you need to ensure the hosts file also has the short name.

Also, can you tell us if srv-nas is in the same DNS domain name as the client?
If not, these kind of issues will plague you until you set up WINS.
jasonsloganAuthor Commented:
I wish there was a registry hack or a "fix it" from Microsoft on this but there isn't.  Microsoft says to delete the profile and start over.
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