Adding Calendar to PHP web site

any ide ahow I could add a caldendar like this web page and put notes on different days ?

I dont have a good knowledge of PHP
maybe no need of PHP, maybe just Javascript or HTML?

any source code avaialble or ideas?

Do I absolutely need a Database to hold the data ?
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This is a great calendar, I have used it before:
It does require a database, but I think the program sets it up for you, although you have to enter the database name, username, password, host URL.
There are some free scripts:

If you help to install one of those, just reply here!
I think the calendar in the URL you gave us is a Joomla extension. Are you using a CMS?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Generally speaking, a calendar would be associated with a data base.

The essential parts of a calendar DB table are a title, a starting DATEIME and an ending DATETIME.  You may have other parts (description, location, points of contact, etc.) but you can create a meaningful calendar with only those three.

Some information that may help you become familiar with the technology behind whatever calendar you choose is available in this article.

Best to all, ~Ray
The Reese calendar is administered through an interface, no need for programming ability
PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
Reece looks nice, their demo is not working but...mmm
Ok I will need to add a MySql db before going further
Oh, yeah, I just noticed that. The site where I was using it no longer exists, or I would have sent it to you.
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