Simplest way to copy table structure from one database to another?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm just wondering what is the easiest way to copy table and structure (not necessarily data) from server1-database1 to another server2-database2?
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The easiest way I found to copy table schema in sql server-

1.From SSMS right click the database name from which you want to copy schema.

2. And Go to "tasks"

3.Then Select "Generate Scripts"

Follow the steps,select from which database you want to create scripts.Select whatever table or stored procedure you need to copy.
You can generate a script in a file or in a new query editor window.

Use that script to create same table structure or stored procedure in another database
Programmatically? Or otherwise? SQL Server? I would restore the database with new name and delete the data.
If you have access to the servers you can always script the object and run the script in the new server.
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