Disable IpBlock/AllowListProviders from EMS


I am trying to disable IP allow and block list providers from the shell.
Set-IPBlockListProvider -Enabled $false
Set-IPAllowListProvider -Enabled $false

The above is per the tech net article with syntax explained, found http://goo.gl/goy8E.  Although every time i try to disable i  get the following:
cmdlet Set-IPBlockListProvider at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:

I cant for the life of me find any literature which explains what should be done next.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The following command will achieve what you are looking for:

Set-IPBlockListProvidersConfig -Enabled $false

Replace "Block" for "Allow" for the other agent, as appropriate.

The short version is: the Set-IPBlockListProvider cmdlet is managing the entries within the individual lists which make up the whole of the Block List. That is, the entries you will see if you edit the Properties of the Block List or Allow List in the GUI. To turn the whole thing on or off, there's a separate cmdlet as shown above.

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
First run the below commands to get the Name


Once done you will have the identity :)

- Rancy
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Brings me to the question, are they set to True in first place.

Get-IPBlockListProvider | FT Identity,Enabled
Get-IPAllowListProvider | FT Identity,Enabled

AND if you don't need it run the following cmdlet

Get-IPBlockListProvider | Remove-IPBlockListProvider
Get-IPAllowListProvider | Remove-IPAllowListProvider

Run this and provide output please

You're seeing that message because the command actually needs to know exactly which object in the IP Block List you want to enable/disable! "Identity" refers to a generic Powershell argument which is present on just about any of the cmdlets (like Get-IPBlockListProvider) and which allows you to uniquely identify an object to apply the results of your operation to.

You can use Get-IPBlockListProvider (and Get-IPAllowListProvider) to see all of those configured. The entry under the Name column should then be passed to the Set-IPXXXListProvider command to modify an individual entry.

For example:

Suppose Get-IPAllowListProvider returns a single entry with a "Name" attribute. You would then run Set-IPAllowListProvider -Identity <The Name Goes Here> -Enabled $false  (and other arguments go here, depending on the nature of the command you're running).

Alternatively, you can use the pipeline to pass the results of executing one command along to the input of another command. This is good if you want to perform changes en masse. For example, to disable ALL IPAllowListProviders, you would use:

Get-IPAllowListProvider | Set-IPAllowListProvider -Enabled $false

The latter gets all of the providers using the first command, then pipes (the '|' symbol) that output not to the console but along to the Set-IPAllowListProvider command. In this case, it would iterate over each entry in the result set in turn, applying the changes you specified to each entry (-Enabled $false). The results you see are output by the Set-IPAllowListProvider cmdlet, as its output doesn't get piped anywhere.

Seems we all were eager to assist, matter of 3-4 minutes and such wonderful replies.

joein610Author Commented:

Ran the commands you suggested and refreshed my EMC. My goal is to diable all antispam tools with the exception of recipient filtering.  

Set-ContentFilterConfig -Enabled $false
Set-SenderFilterConfig -Enabled $false
Set-SenderIDConfig -Enabled $false
Set-SenderReputationConfig -Enabled $false
Set-IPAllowListConfig -Enabled $false
Set-IPBlockListConfig -Enabled $false

The above has worked for all except these last two im having the issue with.  Below is your screen with output

joein610Author Commented:
Also, I apologize for forgetting to mention that there are no entries in either list.
joein610Author Commented:

Thanks and worked like a charm.  And thank you to everyone else for your quick and well written responses.
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