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HP Procurve - Large amount of FCS Rx Errors

I have a new setup where I have an HP 5406 linked to an IDF with can Procurve 2690al-G, that has a 10G SFP+ module.   We are on MultiMode fiber, using an HP LRM 10G SFP+ module.  

On my link I am seeing a really high volume of Error Rx frames (4505 total frames, 3398 Error Rx).  What could cause this?????
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1 Solution
JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
Port Stats;

Name  :
  MAC Address      : a0b3cc-acf74f
  Link Status      : Up
  Totals (Since boot or last clear) :
   Bytes Rx        : 25,863,940         Bytes Tx        : 2,276,716
   Unicast Rx      : 64,763             Unicast Tx      : 17,426
   Bcast/Mcast Rx  : 6317               Bcast/Mcast Tx  : 316
  Errors (Since boot or last clear) :
   FCS Rx          : 11,502             Drops Tx        : 0
   Alignment Rx    : 0                  Collisions Tx   : 0
   Runts Rx        : 0                  Late Colln Tx   : 0
   Giants Rx       : 0                  Excessive Colln : 0
   Total Rx Errors : 11,502             Deferred Tx     : 0
  Others (Since boot or last clear) :
   Discard Rx      : 0                  Out Queue Len   : 0
   Unknown Protos  : 0
  Rates (5 minute weighted average) :
   Total Rx (Kbps) : 50,000             Total Tx (Kbps) : 50,000
   Unicast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 91           Unicast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 24
   B/Mcast Rx (Pkts/sec) : 7            B/Mcast Tx (Pkts/sec) : 0
   Utilization Rx  : 00.50 %            Utilization Tx  : 00.50 %
JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
Also, this is after a recent clear of stats and newly installed trancievers
I would make sure that eveything has been scoped, if you have one, and cleaned on all patch cables and optical jacks along the path.

And double check that the optics you are using at both ends are compatible with multimode and the peer switch.
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And make sure everything is consistent in the type of fiber in use ie. not 62.5/125 µm at one point and 50/125 µm at another. And no mix of multimode and single mode fiber.
If it is longer than 33 meters it will have to be 50 µm multimode cable according to the LRM spec.
JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
Thanks - It is all 62.5μ, and we are using compatible LRM modules (HP branded LRM).  

I'm replacing the patches on both ends.  I fear that the run is over 33 meters, as we have to use LRM modules.

I'm surprised that the rep at HP specifically sold me these LRM modules based on the specs I gave them - Over 33m, MM fiber, 62.5 μ

I was reading the wrong part of the spec sheet. You should be good to 220 meters with the LRM.

JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that was a bit scary!  I was under the impression that SR would get me 33meters, and LRM would get me 220m.  Thanks for clarifying!!!!

I'm changing out my patches right now!  

JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
After patch switch out, I'm still getting FCS errors.  After clearing the stats on that port:

Total Frames
FCS Errors:

4670/12872*100= 36% packets <--- YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it is not the run....
JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
OK - I was 100% wrong about this link (I'm managing remotely, and the documentation  I have is wrong)

Anyway, this is NOT a fiber link back to my MDF.  The fiber link is actually on a different switch.  This is actually a 10G CX-4 stacking (well,  interconnect) link between two switches in the same IDF.  

Could the CX-4 cable be bad?  That's copper...

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