Please tell me it isn't so

I have a VB6 application that has 10+ crystal reports that I run on separate forms in a crviewer.  We upgraded to SQL 2008 and changed the connection string in the VB side of things and changed the DSN on the Crystal side and all runs on XP box very nicely.

I don't seem to be able to install on a win 7 64 bit box.

Do I have to convert all the crystal to 2011 and the vb6 to VS 2010?
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Rich WeisslerConnect With a Mentor Professional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
To double check -- when you say you can't install on a x64 box... do you get an error message, or are you unable to make the connection with DSN?

If it's the second case -- something to check -- the 'Data Sources' that one gets from Administrator Tools points in the windows system32 directory (odbcad32.exe.)  If you have a 32 bit application, see if you can open the odbcad32.exe in the windows/syswow64 directory, and add the applicable DSN in there.

(If you've already done this, or if you are getting a specific error, I apologize in advance.)
Unless you have very specific controls in your application, the answer should be no.
I've installed applications developed in winXP using VB 6.0 in Windows 7 computers.

Make sure you're running the installer and the application in compatibility mode, just in case.

In very technical terms, I might be incorrect, but I speak from my personal experience here.

Hope that helps a bit.
It isn't so!

You asked. ;)
Possibly the easiest way out is to download a copy of VirtualBox from the Oracle site, install it onto your Win7 or Win Server, and install a copy of WinXP and your program and continue as before. You can also get a program from the CodePlex site that will make an image of your WinXP disc that you can use in the virtual machine, so even re-installation won't be needed!


Jeff_KingstonAuthor Commented:
Microsoft should be sued for gross negligence and general stupidity.  44 years in the business, starting with mechanical accounting machines, and there has never been a company anywhere in the world that has less concern for its end users than they.
Basically forced to upgrade, end of support pressure, and what a nightmare.  The small user is trash.  If what they foist upon us doesn't work, someone else in the world will have a fix, just go buy it.  If only we had their resources.

Create software so full of holes and arbitrary changes to decades of options that either disappear altogether, or have been moved, renamed, and otherwise made invisible.

I truly wish the government, any government would force the breakup of the monopoly with no eyes, ears or compassion for the source of their trillions!

There I feel better!
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