modifying a .ini file in linux

I have a server that needs a couple of lines added to a .ini file see below:

current file name:  TacacsPrompts.ini

current file contents:

file needs to be changed to:

My unix command line skills are limited.  Anytime i try and change this file i get an error message about permissions.  I have tried to use winscp to copy a new file in this same server directory, however this gives permission issues too.  Is it possible to edit this file directly from command line?  please see the error that i am getting

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amitnepalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have root access to the server ?  if you do you can use winscp , login to the server and then right click the file and click on edit, you can then edit and save the file  through winscp without having to use command line. If you get permission issue , can you please list the output of :

ls -l  TacacsPrompts.ini  

The file could have acl set if you cannot edit the file with root access.

Thank you
kiwistagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't like vi, try nano (or pico) - a much more easier editor in linux.
if you do require root type access to save then if you do have enough user privileges just go
"sudo nano *filename*" obviously changing *filename* for the actual file. You'll be asked for a super user password.
bryanordAuthor Commented:
i found a colleague that helped me with VI.   Thanks for the contributions.
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